Oil/Water separators

DSP/DS series

DSP and DS series

  • DSP series: For flow rates from 90 to 720 m3/h
  • DS series: For flow rates from 72 to 3,600 m3/h
  • Compact design, secure wall mounting and floor installation
  • 3 resp. 4 connections for condensate inlet
  • 3-stage combifilter (DSP Series)
  • Document pocket for manual and service log

How it works

During the compressed air production water condensate is produced. The quantity of condensate depends on the size and operating time of the compressors and can vary from 10 to 10,000 litres per month! The condensate of oil-lubricated compressors can contain up to 2,000 mg oil per litre. According to the environmental protection legislation, the condensate must be cleaned from oil before discharging it into the sewing system. If not treated, the condensate must be collected and disposed of with certification by a specialised and licensed company.

The DSP series removes the oil from the condensate reliably by means of a combination of different filter materials. The water so purified wih Deltech Oil-Water Separators complies with the WHG requirements. Deltech Oil-Water Separators DSP/DS Series are registered and approved by the German Institute for Construction Technique, Berlin (DIBT).