Desiccant Dryers

Heatless regeneration

  • EDC – compact, suitable for wall mounting
  • ED – standard


  • MWE – internally-heat regenerated
  • DB – externally-heat regenerated

Special applications

  • DHD – Dryer Combination HybriDryer®
  • DAK – Activated carbon filtering

Desiccant Dryers

Deltech desiccant dryers protect compressed air installations and processes to a pressure dewpoint as low as -70°C. Depending on the operating conditions, available regeneration energy and on the required pressure dewpoint, Deltech can offer a broad variety of desiccant dryers.

After being adsorbed in a bed of desiccant material, the water molecules need to be removed out of the compressed air dryer by means of regeneration. The method of regeneration must be selected in accordance with the available means of energy and the operating conditions. Deltech offers various regeneration principles, for most economical use of energy.