Desiccant Dryers

ED series

Desiccant dryers ED series

For flow rates from 160 – 5,950 m3/h

Benefits and Features

  • Heatless regeneration system
  • Operational reliability: high quality components
  • Energy-saving: low pressure drop, low air consumption

How it works

ED series heatless desiccant dryers (capacity range from 160 to 5,950 m3/h) offer a highly reliable performance, combined with a maximum of economic use. Specially selected inlet valves are pneumatically-controlled and require a minimum of maintenance.

Using a manual setting device, the user can select the required dewpoint and adapt the dryer to varying loads. Inlet and outlet filters can be fitted to the dryer, forming a compact and complete quality air treatment package. Optionally, a third pressure vessel can be installed, containing activated carbon. This adsorber will provide technically oil-free air for use in special applications, such as electronic industry, medical applications and drug and food handling processes.

Optionally ED series dryers can be supplied with a dewpoint-controlled cycling device. A highly sensitive dewpoint meter is installed at the outlet of the dryer and measures the saturation degree of the drying adsorber. The regeneration will not start before the maximum drying capacity has been reached. Under “low load” operating conditions this device will economize the regeneration process and save an important quantity of regeneration air.