Desiccant Dryers

MWE series

Desiccant dryers MWE series

For flow rates from 245 – 4,280 m3/h

Benefits and Features

  • Internal-heat regeneration system
  • Economical regeneration process
  • Long life of the heater elements and desiccant
  • Energy saving with dew point control (optional)
  • Mechanically stable, low dusting Delsorb HQ-A4 desiccant

How it works

These dryers have electrical heating elements placed into the drying bed which warm-up the desiccant directly. A minimal quantity of dried compressed air (about 2.5%) is used to transport the moisture out of the adsorber and cool the desiccant down at the end of the regeneration phase. During changeover, the compressed air flows through both vessels simultaneously for about 20 minutes, whereby possible temperature and dewpoint fluctuations are balanced.

The utilisation of the optional Energy Management System results here in significant energy savings, especially in the case of changing operating conditions. The MWE series covers a range of performance from 245 to 4,280 m3/h and provide a pressure dewpoint of down to -40°C (Specification according to ISO 7183)