Membrane Dryers

DMM series

Membrane dryers DMM series

For flow rates from 2.4 – 240.0 m3/h (inlet)

Benefits and Features

  • Multifunctional applications, no electrical connection needed
  • No moving parts
  • No liquid condensate to be treated
  • No oxygen loss
  • Pressure-resistant aluminium housing

How it works

The DMM Deltech membranes are an excellent alternative to refrigerant and adsorption dryers. Membrane dryers can be selected independently from the desired pressure dew point and need no maintenance. In order to protect the delicate membrane surface, particle and oil-fine filtration are required. The appropriate filter combinations are available in our Deltech filter program.

The purge air, saturated with water vapour is dispersed freely in the environment without any noise and without the need for a condensate treatment.

Membrane dryers are specially suitable as point-of-use dryers or in areas where there is no electrical power supply available. Due to the dew point suppression, membranes provide extreme low pressure dew points in combination with refrigerant dryers.

Membrane dryers make use of a small quantity of compressed air as purge air. The quantity of purge air depends, among others, on the desired pressure dew point. In the model DMM, the membrane bundle is located in a pressure-resistant housing. This construction offers the possibility to interrupt the purge air flow by means of an optionally-mounted solenoid valve, which can be operated from the compressor on-off contact.