Refrigeration Dryers

Smard 330 – 3500 series

Refrigeration Dryers Smard LRD series

For flow rates from 1,100 – 12,000 m3/h

Benefits and Features

  • Compact design, using minimum floor space
  • Stainless steel plate heat exchanger technology
  • Revolutionary digital-scroll varying load controller (option)
  • Steady dewpoint performance
  • Superior demister/separator technology
  • Made in Germany

How it works

Control panels show all important operating parameters and dryer functions, which can also be connected to a higher level system by means of an interface (Smard 656 - 1635). Potential-free alarm contacts are also available for further utilisation.

With the purpose of energy saving, all LRD Smards can be equipped with an energy-saving control system. For dryer capacities from 7,200 to 12,000 m3/h, a standard 50%-100% or 33%-66%-100% adjustment control is used. For dryer capacities from 1,800 to 5,400 m3/h, the revolutionary Digital Scroll system is offered.

This digital control system regulates the performance of the scroll refrigerant compressor continuously between 10% and 100%. This adjustment is constant and without delay and so it offers - as compared with on/off switching systems or with thermal mass systems - an absolutely constant pressure dew point.